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Home Learning

In September 2020 our school fully re-opened to all pupils since the partial closure in March 2020 due to Covid-19.  Whilst the pandemic remains a threat, there may be occasions where individual staff and pupils or whole classes are required to isolate for a period of time.  To ensure our children are able to continue to learn and receive the curriculum provision they are entitled to we have developed a remote learning policy and action plan.

All learning taking place online will be through live teaching, recorded teaching, the provision of links to recorded lessons and activities.  Where whole classes are required to isolate, daily recorded and live teaching sessions are delivered by the class teacher as well as links to additional activities. 


All pupils are strongly encouraged to engage with these sessions so that their learning is as uninterrupted as possible and they remain visible to their teachers.  Parents should also remain in contact with staff via ClassList Private message to teachers. Safe and well calls will be made where teachers have been unable to engage with their pupils.

Please be aware that teachers are still teaching the key worker pupils in school and it may take them a little while to respond to your messages. During school hours Microsoft Teams messages will be picked up quicker than messages on ClassList.


Oak National Academy - Recorded lessons & resources across the whole curriculum


Here are additional links to sites you can use to support your child's learning at home:



















SEND - Advise for

parents and carers

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Finding and Getting my work.docx.pdf_Pag
Using an Xbox or Playstation to access T
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Using an Xbox or Playstation to access

Microsoft Teams

Using an Xbox or Playstation to access T
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