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At Hazel Slade Primary Academy we aim to be at the forefront in keeping your child safe online. The Internet is an amazing resource that Children should be taught to use critically and safely. All children must understand the risks of using the Internet yet not find it a scary place. Through educating our children we ensure they are safe users.

National Online Safety
Keeping Children Safe Online in Education

National Online Safety has a whole school community approach to e-safety with comprehensive training and resources for teachers, parents and children.


CEOP is a command of the National Crime Agency, and is dedicated to tackling the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people.  CEOP is here to help young people (up to age 18) who have been forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity with anyone online or in the real world. We also offer advice and links to support in response to other online problems young people might face, such as cyberbullying or hacking. For information, advice and to report concerns directly to CEOP, visit the
Safety Centre by clicking on the Click CEOP button.

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