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Extreme Weather

Closure Procedures


Before the School Day Starts

• The Principal will decide whether the school can open safely taking into account the conditions at the         school and the ability of staff to get there.
• If the Principal decides to close, she will inform parents and staff immediately.

• When school closure is a possibility parents should be advised to check local radio, school website,            Facebook, Classlist etc.
• If parents assume that the school is closed, but it is actually open, the absence will be recorded as              unauthorised unless the Principal is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances.

During School Day

• If there is heavy snowfall during the school day, the Principal will decide if it is necessary to close                the school.
• The office will contact parents and ask that they pick their child/children up from school as soon as             possible.
• A skeleton staff will remain in school until all of the pupils have been collected.
• If a parent rings requesting they pick their child up early due to the weather, and the decision has not      been made to close the school, these requests will be considered on an individual basis by the Principal.

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